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Announcement from Mark, Peters Son….Very sad to announce the death of Peter Townend, my father, on 18/10/23, aged 98. A 1940s premium apprentice at LNERs Doncaster works, he later became shedmaster at Kings Cross & wrote his 1st book ‘Top Shed’ about the depot & station. One of the last great men of steam. RIP.          A detailed obituary will be published in the next Gresley Observer  (Spring 2024)

Sir Nigel Gresley the L.N.E.R.’s First C.M.E.

Just in time for Christmas from STRATHWOOD PUBLISHING

 Following on from the author’s widely acclaimed Edward Thompson Wartime C.M.E. published in 2021, we now turn our attentions to his predecessor’s work and designs in a totally new work across 460 pages.

Using fresh sources primary information compared alongside previously conceived and published research we can see in a fresh light the real achievements and innovations he led the way in for the railway industry as a whole.
In addition, we examine all of Gresley’s designs and those of other engineers he modified during his tenure, and how he encouraged and nurtured others who would ultimately succeed him.
All of this is fully supported with a wealth of references, tables, graphs and a fabulous array of photographs, many of which have never been in print before, as we utilise the resources and archives of the Gresley Society.
If you have ever wondered or admired any of his great designs and their rightful place in history such as 4472 Flying Scotsman and 4468 Mallard, then this is the book for you.
460 Pages in a large format portrait copiously illustrated throughout with a wealth of archive colour and black & white photographs from the steam era, tables & graphs and printed on high-quality glossy art paper.